Right or Wrong?

Can a committee member win the award that the committee has gathered to vote on?


It’s fall here fun Huntington Beach, and rain is finally coming later this week. Literally, it’s been months since we’ve had anything more than a dusting. Outside of some random hail the other morning! That was strange.


Where has all the “play” gone? I was recently introduced to a dude that goes by the name of Coach Ballgame. While I’ve yet to meet him, I love his approach. One of the really cool things that he organizes is sandlot baseball games. You know, pick teams… one team go get the bats while the other goes out into the field… and play baseball.


When I’m doing a coaching clinic, or breaking down infield play, we first review the steps an infielder takes AFTER fielding a ground ball.


In a recent Daily Dose, we talked about the benefits of Wiffle Ball. Well, do you remember Pepper?

Pitcher Confidence

It might be disguised as a way to improve command, but I believe throwing batting practice is a way to grow comfortable. At Cypress College, Coach Scott Pickler doesn’t necessary dive deep into mental training. That said, much of what he does addresses mental toughness in an indirect way. ( Intentionally or not? I don’t know! )

One vs. Two Hands

Is there a time and place for one vs. two hands? Interestingly enough… there is!

No Excuses

Today, let’s highlight one of my favorite rules to life. One that I personally try very hard to follow, one that I use daily in my role as a parent, and one that I work very hard to enforce as a coach: NO EXCUSES

No Whining

It’s time for Rule #2 of the Big Three: NO WHINING