Swing, Swing, Stop

Well, this is one way to work towards a Swing, Swing, Stop approach. Today, let’s dive into what that means.

Thank You

True confidence can only be earned through tough times… and even failure!

Pitcher Confidence

It might be disguised as a way to improve command, but I believe throwing batting practice is a way to grow comfortable. At Cypress College, Coach Scott Pickler doesn’t necessary dive deep into mental training. That said, much of what he does addresses mental toughness in an indirect way. ( Intentionally or not? I don’t know! )

Infielder Confidence

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of mental “fixes” for times of low confidence. Here’s a great one for infielders.


I love this phrase for both athlete and coach. Confidence is such a “mental” term. It’s so intangible. Seemingly, some athletes have it and others don’t. Some kids are confident in their abilities, some kids have no clue how good they could be. While a psychologist I am not, I can say that confidently that there is one truth…

Catching Too?

I met a really impressive dude named Tanner Swanson. Not sure if he’d remember the discussion at all, but Tanner was just hired as the Yankees Catching Coordinator. He’ll float across all levels of the organization, in charge of building out a system to lead the organization into the future.