Coaching Course

Session #8: Business In Baseball

A jam packed session where we discuss lessons learned from 20-years hustling in the baseball industry. Suggestions for lessons, clinics, camps, and best practices for adding systems to your baseball business. This one is completed stuffed with big ideas!

Session #5: Outfield & Receiving

We discuss the fundamentals of catching a fly ball, where young ballplayers start their receiving journey, and the tricks of the trade for most efficiently coaching up your outfielders.

Session #6: Mental Game

We dive into the top areas of mental toughness. Create culture, set goals, maintain focus and concentration… and put your athletes into best chance for success with these mental toughness tricks.

Session #7: ABCA Overview

A light and fun overview of the American Baseball Coaches Association and the annual ABCA Convention. Clinics, networking, drills, and biggest takeaways from the event.

Session #3: Pitching

We discuss and analyze the pitching motion and, more importantly, the plan to teach that motion to an athlete. We work hard to understand the kinetic chain, how best to physically train the body and arm, and teach off-speed pitches.

Session #4: Infield 101

We dive into the fundamentals of fielding a ground ball! Yes, there’s a training plan to be learned. And yes, there are challenges along the way. Have fun breaking down more detailed movements like double play feeds and turns, and follow a discussion about what advanced scouts are both teaching and looking for!

Session #1: The Fundamentals

We establish the core fundamentals we are committed to as part of this training program. Includes best practices for season, practice, and drill structure as well as team management and practice planning techniques.

Session #2: Hitting

We work hard to understand the swing, put together a simple and thorough training plan, and put our assistant coaches and volunteers into the best positions for success. Includes a heavy emphasis on an aggressive mentality and free-from-fear approach to hitting.