3 Step Hitting

Hitting drill focused on simple and clean footwork. Mark feet with three cones – 1) back foot; 2) front foot; and, 3) front-foot-stride. Stride & load (freeze), swing hard, hold finish (freeze). Then go no-stopping and use cones to control feet.


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2 Lines, 1 Coach

Ground ball drill to run during station instruction or during Early Activity (no throws). Two lines allow for mass repetitions, which keeps kids active and gets coach a chance to GET A SWEAT.


A baserunning and conditioning drill variation, equally dividing the team into three groups.

1st & 3rd Baserunning

Baserunning drill to cover principles of 1st & 3rd offense – runners at both bags, each play starts with sign from coach. Run this drill with entire team after defensive side of situation has been addresses.