Wiffle Cricket

Early activity drill involving two throw down bases and 360* field. Athletes hit wiffle balls – defenders make play, everyone rotates. Clean hit, athlete earns points and hits again.

Wiffle Dodgeball

Fun competition using wiffle balls. Teams inside the warm up box, on either side of the white cones. Compete until a winning team, issue pushups, and play again! Coaches stand on either end to monitor and supervise game.

Wiffle Circle

Hitting drill run as Early Activity or Station Instruction. Allows multiple hitters to hit at same time and easily entertains 6-12 athletes. One coach throws to one, two, or three hitters

What is: Mental / Finish?

Instructional video on the DC practice absolute Mental / Finish. Watch to gain a better understanding of why the Finish is included into every practice. Keep it varied, keep it fun… teach a lesson!