Wiffle Dodgeball

Fun competition using wiffle balls. Teams inside the warm up box, on either side of the white cones. Compete until a winning team, issue pushups, and play again! Coaches stand on either end to monitor and supervise game.

Touchdown Tommy’s

Outfield / Conditioning drill executed in outfield grass. 50% sprint to coach (toss ball), 100% sprint football pattern, 50% sprint to opposite foul line.

Tagging Up

Early Baserunning Drill – Start middle cone, retreat to first cone on visual/verbal cue. On second cue, athletes are to sprint through far cone.

Steal Coverage

Teach middle infielders defensive responsibility on a stolen base attempt. Involves defenders at C / P / 1B / 2B / SS as well as baserunners. Stand in batters box and alternate between right-handed and left-handed hitter.