What is: Practice Planning 101

Overview of the Dugout Captain practice planning philosophy. Learn the eight practice absolutes in preparation to plan and share great baseball practices. The new age of baseball and coaching!

What is: DC Key?

An instructional video on the concept of Dugout Captain Keys. Each video contains three behind-the-scenes ideas for making a good drill great. Increase effectiveness, create more fun, enhance safety – this is the DC Key!

Water Cup Sliding

Water Cup Sliding is a baserunning drill designed to train the fundamentals of a proper feet-first slide

Two Tee Drill

Drill helps to train & develop a short path to the ball. Fights a drooping barrel. Doing these help young hitters catch up to good fastballs.

Waiter Tray Receiving

Quick Defense or Outfield Drill to help athletes learn to catch the ball overhead. Young players can struggle to turn the glove up so Waiter Trays start with the athlete in that position.