Team D – 1st & 3rd Defense

This drill is first step in teaching the 1/3 situation. Run prior to any offensive / baserunning instruction associated with 1/3’s. All athletes at position, walk through execution before having each athlete practice each position.

Team D – Bunt Defense

Team Defense drill to begin Bunt Defense. Distribute athletes around the diamond, verbally announce responsibilities, execute and get an out

Tag Plays

Infield (or Quick Defense) drill for athletes learning how to receive a throw and apply a tag.

SS Darts

Focus on feeds. No step, pivot only. Overhand dart from ear.

Steal Coverage

Teach middle infielders defensive responsibility on a stolen base attempt. Involves defenders at C / P / 1B / 2B / SS as well as baserunners. Stand in batters box and alternate between right-handed and left-handed hitter.

Slow Rollers

Teaches (1) Throwing on the run and (2) Slow Roller ground ball execution. Start with walking reps, baseball in hand. Continue into slow roller ground balls. Finish with great plays and a discussion on why we throw on the run.

Short Hop Gauntlet

Partner infield drill to work short hops and glove work. Start with (1) Partner GB reps, (2) Partner Short Hops, (3) Partner Hop Competition… and finally (4) The Gauntlet. Catch and stay in. Drop ball – you’re out!