Box Drills

Place four cones in the shape of a square 10-yards apart. Start clockwise with regular catch, and continue through a progression. Box drills work middle infield feeds, baseball athleticism, and

Bag Man & Relay Man

This infield drill is designed to introduce and teach two significant things: Cuts & Relay Fundamentals and Roles and Responsibilities.

Backhand Flips

Short infielders drill to teach and train the backhand flip. Ex: 2nd baseman double-play feed to the shortstop.

2 Lines, 1 Coach

Ground ball drill to run during station instruction or during Early Activity (no throws). Two lines allow for mass repetitions, which keeps kids active and gets coach a chance to GET A SWEAT.

Infielder Confidence

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of mental “fixes” for times of low confidence. Here’s a great one for infielders.


Working through Session #1 of the Online Coaching Clinic and pouring through my clinic notes. Years and years of clinic notes. There’s a phrase I mention at every one of my (recent) coaching clinics: Connect It.


Said no coach ever: Keep it down out there! Stop all that defensive chatter. Vocal leaders are hard to come by. Especially ones that are sincere and authentic… communicating because there’s something relevant or important to say.

Session #4: Infield 101

We dive into the fundamentals of fielding a ground ball! Yes, there’s a training plan to be learned. And yes, there are challenges along the way. Have fun breaking down more detailed movements like double play feeds and turns, and follow a discussion about what advanced scouts are both teaching and looking for!