Waiter Tray Receiving

Quick Defense or Outfield Drill to help athletes learn to catch the ball overhead. Young players can struggle to turn the glove up so Waiter Trays start with the athlete in that position.

Trash Can Toss

Fun way to finish practice. Lay a trash can down at home plate and unleash ‘do-or-die’ plays from center field.

Side-to-Side Bucket Fly Balls

Two endpoints with empty bucket at each. Athletes move from side-to-side, catching flies and depositing baseballs into the bucket. Add communication and finish with great plays.


A scrimmage is a time for kids to put the hard work into action, and experience the pressure of competition.

Outfield Approach

Drill designed to train and teach the concept of taking angles to the ball in the outfield. Bonus is teaching or reinforcing crow hop fundamentals. Use cones to create a large semi-circle from an outfielders typical starting position towards the infield or desired target.

Olympics – Outfield

Olympics Competition drill for the Outfield station. Three fly balls (to left, to right, at athlete), each with points earned for four possible points of execution: footwork / effort / catch / throw. Tally the scores to get a point total for each athlete.

Lying Down Wiffle Catch

Quick Defense drill to work introductory receiving. Lying down forces the hand to turn fingers-up and assists in catching baseball correctly.