How To Coach: The Crow Hop

Outfield drill to teach fundamentals of Crow Hop. FIELD – outside glove-side foot, STEP / STEP – take two extra steps, CROW HOP to opposite foot for throwing.

Fundamentals: Fly Balls

Fly ball fundamental drill with emphasis on footwork: Dropstep, Crossover, Go! Raise ball in either direction, wait for dropstep and crossover… then toss fly ball and let athlete go get it!

Four Corner Receiving

Receiving drill drilling four glove positions. Move from spot-to-spot predictably, allowing athlete to receive baseball at various points.

Bag Man & Relay Man

This infield drill is designed to introduce and teach two significant things: Cuts & Relay Fundamentals and Roles and Responsibilities.


Said no coach ever: Keep it down out there! Stop all that defensive chatter. Vocal leaders are hard to come by. Especially ones that are sincere and authentic… communicating because there’s something relevant or important to say.

Session #5: Outfield & Receiving

We discuss the fundamentals of catching a fly ball, where young ballplayers start their receiving journey, and the tricks of the trade for most efficiently coaching up your outfielders.