Four Corner Receiving

Receiving drill drilling four glove positions. Move from spot-to-spot predictably, allowing athlete to receive baseball at various points.

Feet In Concrete

Throwing drill with feet anchored, outside-shoulder width. Broken movements first, then no-stopping. Typically paired with 1-Knee and 2-Knee Catch, or followed by some sort of catch play (even long toss).

Catcher Receiving

Quick defense drill for athletes learning how to receive the baseball… catcher position. Four tosses, three times through line.

Catch & Pop

Quick defense drill, athletic movement of an infielder catching and getting rid of the ball. But this movement is used all over the field. Emphasis of this drill is the feet first.

Session #5: Outfield & Receiving

We discuss the fundamentals of catching a fly ball, where young ballplayers start their receiving journey, and the tricks of the trade for most efficiently coaching up your outfielders.