How To Coach: Hitting #3

Lesson #3 in teaching athletes how to hit. Focus = PUT IT TOGETHER. Stance –> stride/load –> swing hard –> hold finish.

Home Run Derby

Drill for Hitting Station or Early Activity categories. Set up in shallow outfield to create reachable HR distance. Construct points competition based around home runs, distances reached, or goals/markers on high backstop.

Heavy Ball Hitting

Use a soccer ball, volleyball, or deflated basketball to encourage hitters to swing hard! Four regular swings with wiffle or safety-baseballs, then place the heavy ball on the tee for the fifth swing. Have a competition to see who can hit the soccer ball the farthest.

Fundamentals: Bunting

Drill to teach bunting fundamentals. Teach, then practice bunting, by first discussing as a group and then rotating through a small bunting circle.

Field Goal Hitting

On field hitting drill with three sets of goals set up around the infield dirt. Run a points competition with highest point total for opposite field (3), then middle (2), then pull-side (1).