No Partner Throwing #2

Introductory throwing drill with all players along the foul line, throwing into center field – no partners!

Ground Ball Quick Catch

Quick Defense drill where each athlete receives GB / Quick Catch / GB / Quick Catch and then rotates. Work through the line 3-4 times and get to drills.

Feet In Concrete

Throwing drill with feet anchored, outside-shoulder width. Broken movements first, then no-stopping. Typically paired with 1-Knee and 2-Knee Catch, or followed by some sort of catch play (even long toss).


It’s fall here fun Huntington Beach, and rain is finally coming later this week. Literally, it’s been months since we’ve had anything more than a dusting. Outside of some random hail the other morning! That was strange.


A couple Daily Doses ago, we discussed the idea of starting a practice with baserunning. What a wild and crazy idea. In fact, it’s not that strange, as it’s exactly what Coach Hutting at Cypress College would do to give my pitchers enough time to play catch


Great coaches do BOTH. They are focused on athlete development… and they have fun while doing it.

Session #1: The Fundamentals

We establish the core fundamentals we are committed to as part of this training program. Includes best practices for season, practice, and drill structure as well as team management and practice planning techniques.